Clinical Workarounds in the Healthcare Setting: A Patient Safety Concern - We are hosting this webinar on June 28, 2016 at 11:00 am EDT. 

Clinical workarounds in the healthcare setting are extremely common. The workaround helps staff get the job done when the rules do not match the situation at hand. Although they may be a part of life for healthcare workers as a solution to perceived blocks in workflow, there are a number of patient safety concerns. Healthcare workers may use clinical workarounds with good intentions as they may facilitate the delivery of care, but they can also destabilize patient safety mechanisms. In many cases, workarounds may result in injury or even death of the patient and create medical-legal issues for the organization.

This webinar will examine clinical workarounds as a system or process issue, and provide methods that change the focus of accountability and enhance patient safety. Ms McBroom will review the spectrum of patient safety concerns associated with clinical workarounds, describe potential organizational patient safety strategies, and provide resources to assist in system improvement.  

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