The Affordable Care Act is the most cumbersome law with which employers have had to comply in decades. As we approach 2016, are you confident that your organization is ready to avoid the following significant penalties and taxes?


1)    $2,000 per full-time employee per year Minimum Essential Coverage penalty

2)    $3,000 per employee per year Affordability/Minimum Value penalty

3)    $250 per return for unfiled and/or incorrect IRS or payee reporting returns

4)    40% Cadillac tax that begins in 2018


This live webinar will focus on your key ACA risk factors using the analogy of being in the football red zone - close to scoring.  In just one hour, attendees will understand their risks to enable focus and better management of them. We will also discuss the considerations for outsourcing ACA reporting services. 

View the ACA Risk in the Red Zone Webinar

If you get a windows media player error when you try to play the Webinar, you will need to install the codec. g2mcodec.exe