McNeary hosted a webinar regarding "Health Information Technology - Related Events Deep Dive" presented by Karen Zimmer, MD, MPH, FAAP on Thursday, October 3rd from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm est.  Our Clinical Risk Management Consultant, Sandra McBroom, RN, MSHSA, acted as the host for this webinar.  Registrants learned more about how healthcare providers and policymakers have embraced health information technology as an essential component of high-quality healthcare.  The federal government is providing financial incentives for hospitals, physician practices and other healthcare organizations to invest in their health IT infrastructure. As noted in the Institute of Medicine report, health IT systems, if designed, implemented, and used appropriately, can transform care delivery. This webinar provided analysis of de-identified patient safety events involving health IT reported to a Patient Safety Organization with a national presence and enterprise wide strategies that should be considered during all phases of health IT adoption to minimize the technology's risks and maximize its benefits.