Corporate mergers and acquisitions move quickly. Often risk
management and financial teams have only days to counsel top
management on the advisability and compatibility of the deal. McNeary Consulting Services can help. As experts in M & A risk management
due diligence reviews, we can help assess the challenges inherent in M
& A arrangements. Services include:

  • Analysis of the adequacy of existing coverage
  • Analysis of historic loss data to determine problem areas
  • Identification of unfunded liabilities or claims
  • Evaluation of unique insurance issues in the regions involved

Whether you are the acquiring entity, or the one being acquired, we
can help you avoid needlessly expending corporate assets. Our
experience as risk managers and consultants allows us to serve as an
extension of your risk management department, protecting your
interests, and earnings per share, with an unbiased assessment of the
M & A risk environment. The earlier in the process McNeary is
involved, the more informed clients will be about the deal.  Our goal is
to help clients avoid the risk management pitfalls so common in
mergers and acquisitions.

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