It is in the best interest of companies to hire a consultant to evaluate
and select their insurance providers. McNeary is the right choice to
oversee broker competitions for these solid reasons:

Neutrality. Our consultants do not sell or place insurance products.
Our allegiance is only to the client and the client's best interest. Under McNeary’s Consulting Services, the broker selection process is
completely free of favoritism. Every competing broker has a fair
chance to win because the client's benefit is the determining factor.
We guard our independence with great zeal.

Experience. We understand the broker selection process. As
professionals with long experience within the risk management
profession, we know how to properly assess exposures and insurance
programs of all types.

The Right Approach. We use a "conceptual" broker selection process
which puts no pressure on the insurance markets. We believe in
assessing the skills, talents and plan design of competing brokers,
giving an accurate picture of which broker is best for the job.

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