Top management relies on the risk manager to protect the assets of
the company, to assure that no unforeseeable event can have
significant negative effect upon earnings per share. The risk manager
must obtain unbiased, independent data and advice from sources with impeccable credentials. McNeary, Inc. Consulting Services is a wise
and experienced choice for this counsel.

Our risk management review service provides an assessment of the effectiveness of existing risk management programs and functions.
Reviews include an evaluation of the internal risk management
function as well as an examination of external vendors - brokers,
insurance companies, and third-party administrator services. We look
for coverage gaps, coverage duplications and cost efficiencies. The
result is a set of recommendations to ensure that your corporate risk management programs are up to standard benchmarks and best

Thorough risk management reviews are vital to keeping the risk
management function in pace with corporate and marketplace
changes. McNeary recommends a risk management review every three
years. These periodic check-ups often uncover both current and future risk management needs.

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