In 2006, McNeary Inc. marked its 50th anniversary of providing pioneering risk management services to companies from coast-to-coast as the nation's "top risk management consulting firm," awarded by the readers of the industry's leading magazine, Business Insurance.

McNeary Inc. is composed of McNeary Property & Casualty, and Employee Benefit Services, providing brokerage services to diverse industries while maintaining our position as the Southeast's leading healthcare insurance broker, and McNeary Consulting Services, which provides risk management and employee benefits consulting to national, regional and local companies.

McNeary Inc. is the endorsed insurance services firm for the statewide hospital associations in Alabama, Texas, Georgia and North Carolina. The company also manages healthcare and workers' compensation captive insurance companies and   risk retention groups.

"For a half a century, McNeary Inc. has saved its clients millions of dollars, while improving financial protection and improving safety," said McNeary President Bill Yaeger. "We are among the industry's pioneers and national leaders, as well as a dominant force in the South." 

In addition to its headquarters in Charlotte, McNeary has offices in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Orlando, Richmond and Austin. Founded by loss prevention engineer William McNeary in 1956, the firm started as the Southern Insurance Buyer Service in Charlotte. Previously working for the Factory Mutual insurance companies, McNeary believed that insurance companies were not recognizing the improvements in safety and loss prevention that manufacturers were taking, resulting in firms paying too much for insurance coverage.

McNeary's firm was created to provide impartial advice and counsel in improving risks and in negotiating better insurance rates from insurers. The risk management firm still continues to help companies negotiate with insurers, currently saving its risk management consulting clients more than $12 million annually in insurance premium costs.

"The risk consultants of McNeary play a critical role in providing service and counsel to private and publicly held businesses throughout the country, as well as governmental entities," said Sam Booke, McNeary's chief operating officer. "While we have tremendous expertise in the healthcare arena, we also have specialists and experience in the full gamut of industries, from manufacturing to energy to educational institutions to city governments."

The firm expanded beyond risk management consulting during the 1960s when it partnered with the North Carolina Hospital Association to create a NCHA Insurance Service for hospitals. That venture continues to negotiate coverage and cost savings for hospitals. That success has led to additional joint insurance service operations with other hospital associations throughout the Southeast.

"As McNeary merged with other firms and operations over the decades, we have expanded well beyond the Southeast and beyond just risk management consulting," observed Yaeger. "Today, we work with companies from California to the Atlantic Coast, and from Wisconsin to Florida. We offer full services in risk management, including self-insured companies, risk retention groups, formation of insurance captive operations, third-party claims administration and other modern risk handling techniques.

McNeary also has significant ownership in such firms as the Atlanta-based Allied Claims Administration, Inc., which provides third party claims administration, including both group associations and individual self-insured clients. For more information, contact: Bill Yaeger or Sam Booke at (704) 365-4150.