If you’re looking for a partner to provide you with the solutions you need in vitally important areas such as risk management, insurance placements and employee benefits, you’ve come to the right website. With 50 years experience and many talented professionals, we stay a step ahead of the curve in providing you effective and innovative products and services so essential to your success. Our organization consists of four services areas, and each of them boasts enviable track records with the clients we serve. Our Property and Casualty services are enjoyed by diverse industries, including our historical presence in numerous hospitals and healthcare providers throughout the Southeast. Our Risk Management Consulting Services area excels in minimizing risk, lowering costs and maximizing coverage. Our Employee Benefits Services ensures that coverages meet both your company’s and your employee’s needs. And our Claims Administration Division serves in the role of client-focused third party claims administrator. So click on the links on the top of the page and take a journey through these many services we offer. We think you’ll enjoy the ride.

With offices in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Texas and Arkansas, McNeary has a significant presence in the Southeast. But our success is not measured by the number of offices. It’s measured by the effectiveness of our products and services, and the savings our clients enjoy. And what better example than the $140 million our Risk Management Consulting Services saved our clients in the last two decades alone.